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Tallowme Moore Co

Sun + E-Moo

Sun + E-Moo

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Local Grass-Fed/ Finished Tallow, Organic Emu Oil, Organic Jojoba Oil Sun Infused With Organic Lavender + Chamomile 

The star of the show. Emu oil has intense healing properties! It has been used for centuries to reduce the appearance of scars, stretch marks, fine lines and wrinkles. This is why we so carefully chose this ingredient to pair with our sun infused jojoba + tallow! Sun infusing increases the richness of the medicinal properties in these flowers and boasts a subtle calming scent without using essential oils. Lavender used to soothe + reduce redness, calm the skin and speed up the healing of cuts and scrapes. Chamomile helps even skin tone and is gentle on acne prone skin. Sun + Emoo has many uses and is gentle enough for most skin types. 

Care information

  • Do not leave me in the sun, I melt
  • Tallow is shelf stable for a year
  • Always keep a lid on your product
  • Keep water out of jars!

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