The simple skincare you have been looking for

We welcome you to enjoy a gift from our ancestors. Tallow skincare kept simple & intentional.

Crafted with intention to heal...

Tallow Whip

Variations of our hand rendered tallow whipped to creamy perfection 

Non-toxic skincare made by a family you can trust

We have taken matters into our own hands to make sure our family is using the most nourishing elements on our bodies and we are blessed to be able to share them with you

  • SuperNova

    Tallow + AEA Certified Emu Oil whipped for a creamy application with endless uses!

  • Plain Jane

    100% Pure Grass-fed, Grass-Finished Local Bovine Tallow. Rendered by us in small batches to guarantee purity & nutrient density.

  • Tallow Lip Balms

    As simple as a lip balm can get. This is the perfect moisturizing match for any lips.

  • Eclipse

    Emu oil is a great natural barrier to the sun which is why we chose it to help protect and moisturize in our "ECLIPSE" w Non-Nano Zinc Oxide