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Bloo Jane

Bloo Jane

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Organic Blue Tansy Tallow Whip

Local Grass-Fed/ Grass-Finished Bovine Tallow, Organic Blue Tansy Essential Oil

We have seen great results from customers who have acne, blemish & redness prone skin types. Tallow is very compatible with our skin making this gentle enough for those with the most sensitive skin. Please do your own research on how healing Blue Tansy is for our skin and relate to how it could be beneficial for yours! ( I don't want to make any claims here) Organic Blue Tansy is the only essential oil we use in our whips and it's for obvious reasons! Personally it has helped calm my redness and many others say so too!

Rendered weekly in small batches to ensure you are always getting fresh product!

Care information

  • Do not leave me in the sun, I melt
  • Tallow is shelf stable for a year
  • Always keep a lid on your product
  • Keep water out of jars!

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