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Tallowme Moore Co

Organic Tallow Lip Balm

Organic Tallow Lip Balm

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Tallow Lip Balms

We kept this lip balm simple to really spotlight the hydrating benefits of Tallow. Our purified Tallow makes for the perfect smooth lip balm, we added a dash of organic beeswax to give it a unmatched application that lasts for hours and leaves you with instantly moisturized lips.

PURE- Tallow, Organic Beeswax 

Infused Local Organic Calendula + Lavender- Our Tallow slowly infused with local herbs from Zinc House Farm, Organic Beeswax 

Infused Organic Chamomile- Tallow infused with organic chamomile, organic beeswax

Tallow + Emu Oil Infused- Tallow infused with *organic ingredients ( *chamomile, *calendula, *marshmallow root, *licorice root), Organic Beeswax

Care information

  • Do not leave me in the sun, I melt
  • Tallow is shelf stable for a year
  • Always keep a lid on your product
  • Keep water out of jars!

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