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Tallowme Moore Co

The Motherlode

The Motherlode

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Kidney Suet Tallow rendered in small batches weekly from one ranch in Oakdale, CA- (grass-fed, grass finished, raised on certified organic pastures, humanely raised, hormone free, steroid free)

We infused the tallow with *Organic Ingredients-  *Chamomile *Calendula *Marshmallow Root *Licorice Root 

AEA Certified  Pastured Emu Oil

Local Super Bloom Wild Flower Honey

This product was crafted with all skin types in mind. The infusions intentions are to aid in UV protection while reversing previous free radical damage, sun spots, hyper pigmentation while also using times greatest true and tried ingredients to smooth fine lines, wrinkles, scars and stretch marks. This whip will leave your skin refreshed and at its best to retain moisture, feel supple and carry a healthy protective glow throughout your day. Can be used as a nightly moisturizer or applied very lightly for a daytime primer or natural sun barrier. Also works great as a makeup remover.


**pairs well with our honey and tallow soap + tallow and emu infused lip balm

Care information

  • Do not leave me in the sun, I melt
  • Tallow is shelf stable for a year
  • Always keep a lid on your product
  • Keep water out of jars!

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